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The Raj Bhasha Activities in the vidyalaya primary administered by the Principal. Hindi Raj Bhasha Samiti constituted with member:
1. Mr.M.Manoharan Principal
2. Mr. Mritunjaya Mishra (Secretary) PGT [Hindi]
3. Mr. M. K. Kuldeep (Member) TGT [Hindi]
4. Mr. A. K. Suman (Member) TGT [SKT]
6. Mrs. B. D. Saikia (Member) PRT
7. Mr. Binod Kumar (Member) Librarian

The prime job of the ibid committee is to put a proper watch on the progress on the works through Hindi medium. In order to promote Hindi certain activities has been undertaken viz.

a. Students have been directed to communicate primarily in Hindi.
b. Debate programmes are conducted.
c. Primarily most of the official correspondences are being conducted in Hindi.
d. Hindi software like Braha is being used intensively in office for correspondences.

Hindi Pakhawara Celebration

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Shruth Lekh in Hindi

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